Richard Martin Reporting

Dropping out of the gubernatorial race has freed Lt. Gov. Bill Bolling to speak his mind. This has not always been a blessing to him. The other day, Bolling said he could not fault Democratic candidate Terry McAuliffe for putting his GreenTech factory in Mississippi, rather than Virginia. “Mississippi offered them a very attractive incentive package,” Bolling notes – one “Virginia would have been unlikely to match.” No kidding. Virginia officials thought little of GreenTech’s prospects, and could not get enough straight answers out of the company to justify incentives. Mississippi, led by Republican governor – and McAuliffe chum — Haley Barbour, had fewer such compunctions. McAuliffe faced two options: Put the plant in Virginia, where he would get no incentives but the best business environment in the country – or put it in Mississippi, where he would get special favors but one of the worst business environments in the country. McAuliffe chose the latter. Bolling often has sung the praises of free enterprise. But as Virginia’s jobs czar, he has shown too much sympathy for putting big government’s thumb on the economic scale. We said the other day that he would have made a fine governor, and we stand by that judgment. Yet his comments on GreenTech offer yet another reminder that too many Republicans are more pro-business than pro-market.

Source: Richmond Times-Dispatch