Richard Martin Reporting

When Virginia Republicans gather to nominate their picks for governor, lieutenant governor and attorney general next weekend, Lt. Gov. Bill Bolling won’t be joining them, protesting a process he saw as thwarting his dreams of running for the state’s top job. In a statement Wednesday, Bolling spokeswoman Ibbie Hedrick confirmed that the outgoing lieutenant governor will not be at the two-day state Republican convention that begins May 17. “The lieutenant governor did not support changing the method of nomination from a primary to a convention,” Hedrick said. “If we want to grow the Republican Party over time we have to involve more people in the process of nominating our candidates, not fewer. Conventions empower the most strident voices within a political party, and they effectively disenfranchise more mainstream voters. Given these concerns, the lieutenant governor does not plan on attending or participating in the convention.” When Bolling bowed out of the Virginia gubernatorial race in November, he citedthe party’s decision to switch from a primary to a closed party convention to nominate its candidates, saying the switch made it too difficult for his campaign to mount a campaign against Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli II (R)— who preferred the convention process.

Source: The Washington Post